1. Are you Halal certified?

We are not Halal certified. However,  ALL our ingredients are Halal and also we only brew our tea with equipment that are only specifically for brewing tea only. 

2. Can we have 0 sugar in our T.I.Ts.? 
Yes you can. However, each cup of T.I.T. contains less than 1 teaspoon of sugar. (Confirm plus chop) Sweetness comes from condensed milk and if you like, we can replace it with evaporated milk but then you will get a Thai Teh-C instead of a Thai Milk Tea. 

3. How long can I keep the T.I.Ts. for?
We encourage you to drink it within 30 minutes for the best taste. But all our drinks can be kept for 24 hours because they are all freshly brewed. 

4. Do you have a physical shop that I can visit when you are not at bazaars and events?
Unfortunately not at the moment. But we will be working towards that! 

5. Can I order the Twin Bottles?
The twin bottles are no longer in stock but we will try to restock it because its high in demand! We will notify you guys once the twin bottles are back in stock! 

6. Where can I ask more questions that are not listed in the FAQ?

Please send us an email. We would love to hear from you! Every question will help us to build a better FAQ page!