Our Story

Our Brand- Marketing or Mistake?!

Definitely marketing!
Many of you must be wondering how our brand T.I.T. came about. It all started in Whatsapp chats and we got lazy to type Thai Iced Tea in full, and started using short-form T.I.T. We founded it so funny hence, our brand was born! And the chats were between 2 females, if you guys are still wondering. From the start, we were quite skeptical about the brand but we decided to try it out anyway. We are glad that most people actually do laugh and have fun with us. It makes us happy. We’re glad that most of you (those who get it) share our sense of humour and don’t take it too seriously. If your kids ask, it’s just Thai Iced Tea. It’s a pair of Thai Iced Teas, okay?  Well, we are only selling Thai Iced Tea and nothing else!

Our Humble Story

T.I.T. was founded in January 2016 by 2 people who really loved Thai Iced Tea,  1 Thai : Nanand 1/2 Singaporean, 1/2 Thai at heart: Carmen.
Nan grew up drinking Thai Iced Tea and after moving to Singapore for almost  10 years, she still cannot find the right tea that suits her tastebuds in  Singapore.
How did we even meet ?
We were both driving for Uber back then and we had lots of freedom and flexibility to do start something on our own. Because of this love that we have for Thai Iced Tea, we wanted to drink it everyday,  and we wanted the nicest T.I.T. that suited our tastebuds.  And the best way is to sell it ourselves.
We then started to try out recipes at home and selling to our friends and family. And finally, we decided that we needed a NEA approved kitchen and we opened a tiny shop, at an isolated corner at Centropod @ Changi.
It was only after 1 year then we finally plucked up the courage to join our first big event, which was Artbox 2017 then we began our Pasar Malam journey. We are glad that we took this route because we have learnt and grown so much from this wonderful journey (full of ups and downs).
We will definitely continue to work hard and grow in our journey!
Our Humble Outlet at Centropod

Our Mission & Values

Fresh, Fun, Original
We want people to think differently about Thai Iced Tea. Thai Iced Tea is not sugar, and it is certainly not full of sugar. We want people to taste the tea and drink only freshly brewed tea, like on the streets of Thailand.
We focus on quality over quantity, using the best and freshest ingredients for our tea. We strive for consistency every single day, at every single location because we hate the feeling of “same brand, different taste”. Thus, we try to do everything ourselves, to ensure that the taste, customer service, and everything is the same, each time you come in contact with our brand.

However, if you’ve had any unhappy experiences, or that our drinks are not up to your standards, we would like to hear from you! Please do let us know. Every single feedback will help us to improve ourselves and it is important to us! Everyday, we strive to improve ourselves and our T.I.Ts.